Angola - MMMs provide basic health services in rapidly-growing Viana.
Brazil - Leading an active listening workshop
England - We are grateful to the many people who support us as a result of mission awareness work.
Honduras - MMMs teach children stress reduction exercises in a violent environment.
Ireland - MMMs are involved in services for refugees.
Kenya - Community health workers in a training session
Malawi - MMMs provide services for people with HIV.
Nigeria - MMMs and team provide vaccines for mothers and children.
Republic of Benin - Nutrition education includes growing local healthy foods.
South Sudan - MMMs speaking during an Ebola health education campaign
Tanzania - Sr. Levina with women involved in income generation
Uganda - Giving priority to the health of mothers and children
USA - Circle of Friends - partners in bringing health care to those in great need
Associates - MMMs and Associates gather after the Mass.


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We are an international congregation of women religious, founded by Mother Mary Martin in Nigeria, in 1937. Desiring to share Christ's healing love, we bring health services to people of different cultures where human needs are great.

MMMs are serving in 13 countries around the world. Sisters come from 20 countries and are trained in a variety of health-related professions. With Mary as our model, our special concern is the care of mother and child and the fostering of family life.

News and Events

MMMs are pioneering new ministries in Uganda. This has been made possible by handing over long-established programmes in which we have been involved in Kitovu and Makondo. It requires reflection, preparation, faith and trust to begin and to carry on in challenging situations. We are now marking five years of presence in South Sudan. You can read these stories in our March e-newsletter.

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter. It is an invitation to examine our lives and return to God. We can make it a time of reflection on how we contribute to structures of injustice in society and work for change, even in a small way.

Jesus reached out to the poor and excluded of his time and paid the ultimate price. Who are the poor, the excluded in our time? Among them are the estimated 20.9 million victims of human trafficking (HT) globally (International Labour Organisation).

Sr. Mary O’Malley, who raises awareness about HT and assists victims in Nairobi, Kenya, prepared a Way of the Cross based on her experiences with those affected. We provide it here for your reflection. You can read it online in separate pages or download it as a booklet. May it inspire you to work for an end to this modern-day sin, wherever you are.

‘God constantly gives us a chance to begin loving anew’ (Pope Francis, Message for Lent 2018), so that at Easter, the light of Christ will overcome our darkness.



Prayer Space

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Please pray for our Sisters, Associates and staff, who work to bring God’s love and healing in areas affected by conflict and unrest. Capacitar is used as a means for healing.

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