Counter Human Trafficking

Tragically, in some of the poorest parts of the world young children and vulnerable adults are sought to be trafficked. MMMs seeing the growing need to educate, protect and help prevent Human trafficking are involved in many efforts to reverse this trend. Counter Human Trafficking (CHT) requires many levels of involvement to make changes. We are facing a global epidemic of growth in using vulnerable people as illegally trafficked workers.
MMMs are involved in educating people about how to protect themselves and their children from the methods of traffickers. They are also involved in trying to help people get out of bad situations once trafficked. There are so many ways in which people are tricked or betrayed to get them or their children into a very dangerous and difficult trap.

Human Traffickers know their market in approaching vulnerable families. For people who are very poor and starving, money offered can be enticing because they do not see they have other options. MMMs respond to the needs of the local people in places where humans are being recruited or routed by sex and human traders. MMMs work with local authorities to help change conditions and prepare people on how to protect themselves or what to do to rebuild their life after being trafficked.

Sr. Mary O’Malley has been involved with CHT for many years in East Africa and is doing incredible work to improve conditions for people negatively impacted by it. She is also central to organising conferences, education programmes and global government efforts to reverse CHT wherever possible. She has created a network of caring people who are dedicated to ending CHT. There are also Sisters involved in North America and Ireland.