Structure and Leadership

In MMM, each Sister belongs to a community of at least three members. The community chooses a local leader from among that group for a period of three years. Where numbers are small, two communities may join together to have a joint local leader. It may happen that a Sister has to live away from her community because she is involved in a collaborative ministry with another agency, or because of study. Her community supports her in every way possible and she is in frequent communication with them.

Two or more countries form an Area and each Area has a leader and advisory council.

The Congregational Leadership Team is composed of our Congregational Leader and three Councillors. They are based at our Congregational Centre at Rosemount in Booterstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland, but travel frequently to our various missions. Our Congregational Secretariat and our Central Business Administration are also located at Rosemount.

Every six years, all the Sisters elect delegates to represent them at a Congregational Chapter, which reviews the life and mission of the congregation and chooses the Congregational Leadership Team for the coming six years. Everyone is expected to take an active part in prayer and in the extended preparation for the Chapter. It is intended to be a time of evaluation and renewal. While in session, the Congregational Chapter is the highest authority in MMM. The Tenth Congregational Chapter took place in April 2015.

Meet our Leadership Team