Associates live the MMM Charism

Associates continue our long tradition at nDareda

In 1985 MMMs passed over responsibility for the Hospital at nDareda to the Diocese of Mbulu, with three different local religious congregations among the staff. Alongside them, a deeply committed group of Associate MMMs helps to ensure the original tradition of healthcare and pastoral care continues, both at the hospital and in the nearby village.

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Incredible, Inspiring, Incarcerated Women (from MMM 2009 Yearbook)

For the past fourteen years, Nancy Hinds, MMM Associate and founder of the Hinds Hospice in Fresno, California, has been involved with incredible, inspiring women who happen to be in prison; many are there for life. They choose to accept responsibility for their past actions but have now committed themselves to living within the prison while helping to change the lives of others for good.

One inmate trained seven years ago to be a hospice volunteer and to spend vigils watching with inmates who are dying so they are not alone.

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MMM Associates in Capim Grosso, Brazil

We, the AMMMs of Capim Grosso, have worked with many MMM Sisters over the years. Their pastoral work and mission resonates with our own involvement as women and men, single and married, in the struggle for a better life for those on the margins of society.

As we worked more closely together it became apparent that we had many common values. Three years ago we began our formation as a group of MMM Associates.

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First International Meeting of Associate MMMs

'Hope on the Rampage' is how Sister Jean Eason described the first international meeting of MMM Associates, held at our Motherhouse in Drogheda, Ireland. "They saw the world coming alive with possibilities and envisioned the contribution that they can make to that world as Associate MMMs," she said.

The meeting, which included delegates from Tanzania, Ireland, the USA and Scotland, outlined the primary task as evaluating and updating the Guidelines covering Associates in the light of lived experience.

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Joseph's Dream

When Joseph Aweda arrived in Dar es Salaam he knew no one. Hunting for student accommodation far from home is not made easier when you have an artificial leg. Luckily, his search led him to meet a kind family from Goa who helped him find a room in a safe area. Thus began a bond of friendship that lasts to this day.

As an adult, Joseph saw that the spirit that inspired his life was closely linked to the spirit of MMM, and he, too, became an Associate MMM.

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Life in the Manse

Rev. Mhorag McDonald of the Church of Scotland is an MMM Associate and shares her home at the Manse with Sister Aideen O'Sullivan. She wrote: 'There is much hidden hurt in the lives of people around us. It is humbling and exhausting to be allowed to hear their stories. As we each in our own way try to respond to that hurt, it makes a difference to have someone around who will listen or laugh with you, prepare a meal or walk in silence beside you.' 

Mhorag is shown on the left of this picture, with Sister Aideen.

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