MMM Associates in Capim Grosso

Brazil, 2007

associates_brazil_group_with_sheila_lenehanWe, the AMMMs of Capim Grosso, have worked with many MMM Sisters over the years. Their pastoral work and mission resonates with our own involvement as women and men, single and married, in the struggle for a better life for those on the margins of society.

As we worked more closely together it became apparent that we had many common values. We were invited by the MMM Sisters to enter into a process of formation by which we would become more familiar with their spirituality and mission.

Three years ago we started our formation as a group. We met on a monthly basis to pray, reflect and study, as well as to recreate.

At these gatherings we got to know about Mother Mary and her deep desire from the beginning to include lay men and women in the life and mission of MMM, working for health, reconciliation, justice and peace for our world. It was difficult for us in the beginning to understand the full implications of what it means to be an AMMM. During this time we were accompanied by Sister Sheila Lenehan, who helped us understand more clearly what it was we were committing ourselves to.

As a consequence we were invited to make a formal commitment as AMMMs.

On 25 March 2007, in a simple but profound community celebration with MMM sisters and family members in the Sisters' chapel in Capim Grosso, we made our commitment as AMMMs for one year.

This experience confirmed our belief that a lived spirituality can change our lives at all levels: family, work, pastoral and political. We have learnt, too, of the necessity of dedicating some time each day to personal prayer. In assuming the charism of MMM and making a formal commitment, we find ourselves involved in the MMM Mission worldwide while living the charism the best we can in our own reality.

Another meaningful experience for us was the celebration of the first 70 Years of MMM.

The parish of Capim Grosso was chosen as the place to celebrate this historic moment. This time it wasn't a question of being invited. Together with the MMM Sisters we organized and participated in this commemoration. We really felt we were one family.

Now that we have made our commitment, we are part of the MMM Family and more closely connected with AMMMs worldwide. We need your support and friendship.