MMM Associates, Ealing, UK

Covenant renewal by Skype: July 2011

Pat Deeny, one of our UK MMM Associates, is married to Reverend Dave Deeny, an Anglican minister and teacher.  Seven months ago they set off on a mission tour to Australia with their two youngest daughters.

Pat's life has been transformed in the last few weeks.  She had applied for a Chaplaincy position in Perth and was amazed to be offered the Area Chaplaincy. She will be responsible for the pastoral care of about thirty other chaplains of several different religions, including Anglican and Catholic. It also means that ecumenism, which has always been a large part of Pat's apostolate, will continue in a new way. The interview panel took into account her extensive counselling experience and the fact that she is an Associate MMM.

The question arose about how Pat would renew her Associate covenant from so far away. It is usually done with a special ceremony. Using Skype for the renewal offered an ideal solution. The plan became a reality in July. Sister Maureen Clarke, who accompanies our Associate MMMs in the UK, described the event.

'We arranged the renewal for 11 a.m. London time and 6 p.m. Western Australia time. In Ealing we were a bit nervous about the technical proceedings but Sister Helen McKenna directed them ably.  Sisters Anne Curtin, Mary Shephard, Helen, and I were in Ealing. Pat, Dave, and daughters, Nicole and Stephanie, were in Perth with Maggie, an Anglican minister and friend, and her husband.

'After Evening Prayer, Maureen and Pat read from Pat's Covenant booklet. Pat signed the Covenant forms we had previously sent to her and she sent one back to Ealing. We all had the chance to congratulate her at the end. We found the whole experience uplifting and a great blessing.'