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We are religious sisters set forth to heal the world and relieve suffering in areas of the greatest need. Desiring to share Christ's healing love, our Sisters come from 19 countries to bring health services to people all around the world.

The Medical Missionaries of Mary are an international missionary congregation of women religious, founded by Mother Mary Martin, in Nigeria, in 1937. The Congregation and the members are also known by their official initials MMM.

The aim of the Medical Missionaries of Mary is to seek God and the Kingdom through sharing Christ’s healing mission in the world today.

Where We Are

Worldwide MMM Sisters operate in areas of the world with the greatest need for health and healing care. Locations are places where MMMs are invited to communities by the local leadership to provide holistic and healing resources. Various medical missionary work is provided according to the needs of the local people.




It was quite a narrow bridge. It spanned a deep crevice where a fast-flowing stream jumped and burbled over rocky stones. No room for a car here or any other form of outer shell to protect me. I had to cross on foot, and alone.

The day seemed pleasant enough. The sun was shining and a warm breeze caressed my cheeks. And yet I could not get rid of that sense of foreboding. There was danger ahead, just around the bend in the path. I panicked. “I can’t do this!”, I whispered to myself. “Yes, you can”, a more sensible voice prevailed. And so, I stepped forward, one step at a time, relying on God knows what to protect me.

This bridge is the Bridge of Death that awaits me. I don’t even want to write about it! It is something I will face alone and it is just ahead of me on life’s journey. I can’t escape it. It is there. Can I listen to the more sensible voice that reassures me? As time slips by, closer and closer to the date, I am forced to look ahead and face my fears.

Sometimes religious platitudes fail. “May he/she rest in peace” gets me nowhere. The clinging to God is more primal, a stretching of my whole body and spirit to the Unknown who knows me through and through – and who loves me. Yes, this I can trust. I walk towards the future, panicking yes, but deeper than that, hopeful and even with a strange sense of joy in my heart.

Sheila Campbell, 3rd September 2021

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