Medical Missionaries of Mary first went to Angola in 1953 and remained with the people through twenty-seen years of civil war which, thankfully, ended with Peace Accords in 2002.Today, as the people of Angola continue to rebuild their country, MMMs can be found in Angola's second largest city, Huambo, which suffered great devastation during the war. Our other mission is in Viana, a satellite town outside the capital, Luanda, in an area where there is no other health service. We have two professed Angolan Sisters, Laurinda Bundo and Perpetua Ndahetekela.

In Angola, there is an international team of Sisters, from Angola, Ireland, and Nigeria.Our MMMs at Huambo are involved in community-based healthcare with a small clinic and outreach services, education to prevent the spread of HIV, response to the needs of people still suffering from displacement, including those maimed by landmines, and visiting those in prison. From 1953 to 2002, MMMs were in Chiulo in Cunene Province, in the south of the country near Namibia, and ran a well-known hospital and nurse training school. The staff members and graduate nurses who came to know MMM in those years remain loyal friends, and this has led to a growing number of MMM Associates, who carry on our charism today.

In 1962 we opened a clinic in Cuamato, which we handed over to the Dorotheans in 1975 because of the war situation. In 1989 we went to Mitcha, Lubango. We handed over there when we were able to go to Huambo.

Today MMMs are involved in:

  • Pastoral and prison ministry
  • Vocation ministry
  • Work with women's groups, health education in schools and churches about STDs, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Food for the poor and elderly
  • General clinic
  • Weekly mobile clinics to outstations

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