As in other countries of the northern hemisphere, our work in Ireland supports our work overseas.

Our Motherhouse, pictured above, is located in the historic town of Drogheda, Co. Louth. It is home to more than eighty Sisters, many of whom have spent much of their lives overseas.

Close to the Motherhouse is Aras Mhuire, a facility where some of our Sisters receive nursing care.

The Archive Department of MMM, where textual archives are housed, is located at our Motherhouse. It makes provision for researchers studying our history.

We also have a number of small communities in Ireland.

Our Congregational Center is located at Rosemount, in Booterstown, Co. Dublin. This is the main administrative office and the place where the Sisters who make up our Congregational Leadership Team live when not abroad visiting our overseas missions.

In the same complex can be found our Communications Department. The Image Archive is housed in the Communications Department, which co-ordinates our fund-raising efforts in Ireland and the UK. Mission awareness in Catholic parishes in Ireland is carried out in dioceses allocated to MMM by the Irish Missionary Union in collaboration with the local church. Various MMM publications are also prepared in the department: a calendar, yearbook, monthly e-newsletter, and supplements to the yearbook.

MMMs in Ireland are involved in:

  • Prayer ministry
  • Care for elderly Sisters
  • Mission awareness
  • Fund-raising, including through used stamps
  • Parish work and pastoral care
  • Anti-trafficking work and work with refugees
  • Adult literacy


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