Our MMM foundress, Mother Mary Martin, was in Nigeria when she made her first profession of vows, marking the foundation of MMM in 1937. Since then MMMs have seen many developments and changes in the country and in our work.

In the city of Benin is our house for the West Africa Area, coordinating our activities in Angola, the Republic of Benin and Nigeria. There is accommodation for meetings and for Sisters travelling in this vast country. It is also a base for students. The MMM Benin City Integrated Project has a development centre for women’s empowerment. A vocational training centre has a computer school for youth. A primary health care section provides rehabilitation services in local villages that have no hospital and organizes health and life skills sessions in schools.

At Itam we have a Family Life Centre, which provides comprehensive services for women with obstetrical fistula. Several surgical repair camps are held each year with visiting surgeons.  Affected women, often very young, receive attention for other health issues before operations. They also receive training in income-generating activities as part of their reintegration into society. The centre also has a general outpatients department, antenatal care and provision for deliveries, and village outreach programmes.

Women discerning their vocations in their early life in MMM live in our formation house in Itam.

We have two general hospitals. One is at Mile Four, Abakaliki, where we have units for the management of TB and Hansen's disease (leprosy). The other is at Eleta, Ibadan, in the west of the country.

Across the road from the hospital in Ibadan we have an international novitiate. Women spend two years here as part of their early formation in MMM.

In the village of Fuka, in the north of the country, we are involved in community-based health care among the nomadic Fulani herdsmen. Also offering basic health care in the north is our mission in Abuja. There are outreach services to fourteen villages, with immunizations, health education, and treatment for common illnesses. Maternity services were added recently.

We have two houses in Lagos. With its location, Shogunle is a house of hospitality and there are many trips to the airport! The Sisters also have local ministries, offering health education in local schools, visiting homes and working at the church clinic. One member accompanies women in their early years of profession in MMM. In Amukoko, our projects include a clinic with services for people affected by HIV, awareness-raising about human trafficking, health education in local schools.

Abajah is one of our newer missions. The Sisters have a great ministry of presence to the people, making home visits to the bedridden and elderly and offering health education in schools and local groups

Also recently established is our mission in Torugbene, in Bomadi. Located in the Niger Delta, it is one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth. We were invited to go to this area where most people were living in great poverty, despite the surrounding oil wealth. The Sisters visit homes (travelling by boat), have a small clinic and hold life skills sessions for girls and boys. They support girls to complete their education.

MMMs in Nigeria are involved in:

  • Primary health care
  • Services for HIV, TB/Hansen's disease, and women with obstetric fistulae
  • General hospital services
  • Natural family planning
  • Anti-trafficking awareness-raising
  • MMM novitiate and vocation promotion


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